Dan here...

Before starting jimmyCASE, I worked as a TV executive (American Gladiators, ABC Family). I was always frustrated carrying my wallet in one pocket and iPhone in another -- on the set, going through airport security, or just sitting down with my stuffed pockets. I kept thinking to myself, wouldn't it be great to simplify your life and get rid of your wallet? So I decided to do both: I designed the jimmyCASE in my Southern California garage and gave up my TV career to make jimmyCASES full time.

Our mission is simple: to make a fun, functional and exceptionally well-crafted wallet case that simplifies your life. 

Why buy a jimmyCASE? 

Elastic pocket stretches to carry what you need - Unlike wallet cases made from plastic or leather which have limited stretch, jimmyCASE is designed to be used without stretching out. jimmyCASE's elastic bands are custom-woven just for us, giving our cases the flexibility hold up to six cards or bulky items like a car key without losing elasticity.

Premium construction and materials - Each jimmyCASE is assembled by hand in our East Los Angeles factory. The wood core is made from military-grade mahogany, which is incredibly strong and light. The silicone bumper wraps all the way around the phone and offers full-frame protection and exceptional lay-on-the-table technology. 

No pesky flap - Unlike folio-style wallet cases, there is no flap to get in the way when you are talking on the phone, or block the camera when you are taking a picture.

Our wallet cases have gotten consistently excellent reviews and ratings from customers across the world. You can shop our collection here. 

Thanks for checking out jimmyCASE. 

Dan Smith, Founder