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Trendy iPhone Hoesje, de Beste Case & wallet in één ! Contactloos Betalen
• Voor 6 Pasjes en Cash
•  Full-Frame Bescherming
•  Echt Mahoniehout
•  Geïntegreerde Bumper
•  Lay-on-the-Table schermbescherming
•  Handgemaakt in Californië
•  30 dagen No Risk Garantie

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Now that the new iPhone 7 is here, you want to protect your investment while still looking stylish and trendy. To that end, the sleek iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus wallet case from jimmyCASE has everything you need to keep your polished new phone intact, while also being very practical and chic. If you’re not sure what this case can do for you, then let us enlighten you.

One thing that you never had to worry about with an old flip phone or Motorola brick was the screen cracking. Unfortunately, however, smartphones have a nasty habit of spider webbing at the slightest provocation, meaning that you have to drop even more money on repairs. Thankfully, the jimmyCASE offers the best iPhone 7 Case and it is designed to both hug your phone tight and reduce the chance of screen breakage. With a full-size protective barrier around your iPhone 7, you don’t have to worry about it falling out of your hands. You can even get additional “lay on the table” protection, so your screen is covered against almost any incidents.

So what is this case made of that makes it so ideal for your device? The core of the case is made of high-quality mahogany, which both gives it durability and a refined, elegant appearance. Around the edges are non-slip silicone bumpers which help give the case more grip while adding further protection for your phone.

As the name would suggest, the iPhone 7 Wallet Case is more than just a fancy case, as it also acts as a wallet. If you want to consolidate everything into one package (saving you from needing a purse or extra pockets) then the elastic wallet band is for you. This band is designed to withstand pressure, making sure that it won’t loosen over time. It’s also designed to hold up to six cards at once, not including any cash you may hold inside it as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get the sleek and stylish iPhone 7 Wallet Case from jimmyCASE today. Handcrafted in the USA, this case also comes with a 30-day no-risk guarantee.
What Makes jimmyCASE Different?
From dan@jimmyCASE. There are plenty of “wallet case” options. Mostly, the card-holding pockets are fashioned from leather or hard plastic. jimmyCASE’s Magic Elastic pocket is made with a stretchy elastic fabric which is designed and woven exclusively for us. This Magic Elastic is designed to stretch enough to hold 6 cards tight. When the cards are removed, the elastic will stretch right back and never stretch out. Other wallet cases made from leather usually stretch out and get loose. Hard plastic wallet cases don’t stretch at all and have limited card-carrying capacity. jimmyCASE materials are custom designed to do one thing – hold cards tight.

When Will I Get My iPhone 7 jimmyCASE?
We are experiencing huge demand for our new iPhone 7/Plus Wallet Cases. Please note that all new 7/Plus orders will ship from our factory approximately 1 week after order date.

What Does Handmade in Los Angeles Mean?
Each jimmyCASE is assembled just-in-time as orders are received. Each mahogany wood core is cut one-at-a-time on a laser cutter in Hollywood. All our fabrics are custom-woven for us in South Los Angeles. Each jimmyCASE is cut, sewn, assembled, packaged and shipped from our factory in East Los Angeles.